Bed and Breakfast in Sainte-Alvere, Dordogne

"Le Montaigne" Bed and Breakfast in Sainte-Alvere

Jane and Tony would like to invite you to discover Sainte-Alvere, Perigord, Dordogne, a very tranquil and picturesque village.  A village that was once dominated by a huge fortress, of which was destroyed during the revolution.
Remains of the Castle
Remains of the Castle
Car Park view from us
Car Park view from us
Bedroom 1  -  Sleeps 4
Bedroom 1 - Sleeps 4
Bedroom 2  -  Kingsize
Bedroom 2 - Kingsize
Bedroom 3  -  Kingsize
Bedroom 3 - Kingsize
Bedroom 4
Bedroom 4

All that remains today of the castle are 3 towers, the postern gate, the battlements and a dovecote. The village streets are still dotted with evidence of long disappeared rural ways, the wash house, the "tramalh" an Octican name for the structure used for harnessing and feeding horses and cattle, a well and a spring.

The Dordogne and Vezere Rivers are beautiful, so as well as doing a bit of sunbathing you can hire kayaks or canoes from a neighbouring village.

Walking and Cycling in the Dordogne

There are many places to walk or cycle, 5 hiking trails leave Sainte-Alvere and lead walkers through the region's natural and man-made heritage. The footpaths are betweeen 4km and 11km long, and perfect for one-day walks through hamlets, past old farms, through woods and agricultural land click here for map.

Motorbike Tours in Perigord Noir, Dordogne

The roads here are perfect for Motorbike guests, so if you need any advice on where to go, Tony would be only too happy to advise or indeed take you himself on a tour, using his much loved Motorbike on some well used routes he knows. We have maintenance tools available and a secured garage for the Motorbikes. 

Car Park

There is a car park just 20 metres away, but you can temporarily stop immediately outside the premises to unload your luggage.

The Property

"Le Montaigne" was purchased in 2016 and has been fully refurbished, and was ready for business in June 2017.

Dietary Requirements

Please advise when booking of any dietary requirements.

Transfer to/from Bergerac Airport

Should you require any transfers to and from Bergerac Airport, this can be arranged.


Although the village has everything you need, restaurant, supermarket, coffee shop etc., to be able to view the many beautiful surrounding villages then a car would be required.


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