Bed and Breakfast in Sainte-Alvere, Dordogne

Dordogne is a passage area with regard to climate. There are mild winters and the summer temperatures on average are 7 degrees higher compared to the UK.  The temperature strongly differs by region, the position of the valleys, the profile and the sun's altitude towards the hills, the open environments, woods and lakes also create specific areas with different weather.  The summer is normally long and can be very warm, with the best months for a visit being May and June, as the days can be extremely pleasant.  Also September and October are excellent months, if in the morning it is still misty, it brightens up later and you see the surroundings at its best! Recent summers have been relatively warm: 30-35 degrees.  From time to time showers occur but disappear just as rapidly as they appeared.
With moderate winters and summers, this is a perfect place to visit at whatever time of the year you happen to prefer.  A spring in France provides the right climate for the picturesque green hills with pretty flowers and calm weather.  April showers occur on occasion, but it is nothing an umbrella cannot handle.  Spring and summer are especially lovely because of the beauty that these seasons bestow upon the French countryside, however, the mild winters make travel and site seeing very doable - even with a little drizzle and chillier conditions.  Click  for a 5 or 10 day weather forecast.
Please see below two further links to Sainte-Alvere weather sites.
2021-04-23 22°C
2021-04-24 23°C
2021-04-25 22°C
2021-04-26 16°C
2021-04-27 18°C

Temperature Averages

Click WeatherAverages to see a chart of average temeratures in the Dordogne.


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